Friday, October 14, 2011

Most Expensive Wood

While not yet on the endangered species list, the African Blackwood—or Mpingo, as the natives of Tanzania call it—is considered a threatened species. It is also the most expensive tree in the world.
Mpingo once grew in southern Ethiopia and Kenya, but can now only be found in Tanzania and northern Mozambique. It is a slow-growing tree that survives on little water, doesn’t compete with corn, coffee or bananas and even fixes nitrogen in soil.

A clarinet, sold by Musik Productiv, made of African Blackwood
African Blackwood is harvested for the dense hardwood it yields. The wood, once considered ebony, is primarily valued for use in woodwind instruments. The unsustainability of its harvesting can be attributed to both the tree’s 60-year maturation and the smugglers who illegally transport the wood into Kenya.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

World’s Most Expensive Motorcycles

Motorcycles have had mass appeal to the general public for roughly a century and a half. An American named Sylvester Howard Roper designed one of the first motorcycles in the 1860s. The motorcycle was displayed at fairs and circuses around the eastern U.S.. Europeans also had their hand in popularizing motorcycles and, during the World Wars, motorcycles functioned as a quick means of transportation.
As the motorcycle progressed, the engines and frames became bigger, sleeker, faster and more powerful, resulting in the high-tech and expensive motorcycles of today. If you can afford one, a custom motorcycle built to your exact specifications is within reach.

MV-Augusta F4CC – $120,000

This expensive motorcycle was created by Claudio Castiglioni, MV’s director. He wanted to create a spectacular motorcycle that met strategic marketing needs while also being something truly special and unique. The expensive motorcycle bearing his very own initials “CC” has a top speed of 315 kph (195 mph), 1078 cc’s and a 198 hp engine. Each bike boasts a platinum plate located near the top of the steering column showing the model number from 1 to 100, making this motorcycle all the more special to its owners.

MTT Turbine SuperBike – $150,000

Not only is this motorcycle expensive, it’s also extremely fast. This bike, also known as the Y2K Turbine Superbike, is the Guinness World Record holder for the “Most Powerful Motorcycle Ever to Enter Series Production”. The turbine engine in this one is made by Rolls Royce and is capable of over 300hp. The motorcycle also boasts carbon fiber fairings, a rear mounted camera with LCD color display, forward-and rear-looking radar detector with laser scrambler, one touch “Smart Start” ignition, and many other cool gadgets. This bike seams to be pretty popular in Hollywood. It starred in the movie “Torque” and even Jay Leno owns one!

Icon Sheene – $160,000

This bike was created by Andrew Morris in honor of legendary British Grand Prix motorcycle champion Barry Sheene, who died in 2003 at the age of 52. As such, only 52 of these 250 hp, turbocharged 1400cc motorcycles will be created, each emblazoned with a playing card hand-painted by the same artist who painted Sheene’s helmets, Mike Fairholme. Each of these bikes will be bespoke, tailored to fit the purchaser’s unique requirements.

Macchia Nera concept bike – $201,000

Built around a Ducati 998RS engine, this motorcycle’s Italian designers and engineers set out to create an extremely high tech and expensive motorcycle that would be thought of as “the ultimate track bike” that is “simply beautiful and beautifully simple”. The Testastretta engine is fitted with lightweight metals and alloys, like titanium and aluminum, making it very lightweight. The view from the side of the Macchia Nera shows exposed belts and engine components, giving its design a minimalist feel while still being aesthetically pleasing. We should add that this bike is a one of a kind and not in produced for retail at this point, but if you have an extra 150,000 Euros (US $201,000) laying around for an expensive toy, your dream might come true.

Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition – $275,000

This luxury motorbike features a titanium chassis with clear coated carbon fiber bodywork and wheels. It features a fuel injected, intercooled, supercharged 2,150cc billet motor and is capable of over 200 hp. Its saddle is ergonomic and adjustable. The bike also comes with a timepiece, designed by French watchmakers BRM, which is made to match the bike and is engraved with the same serial number as the handlebar clamp and VIN plate. This bike is limited to only 10 units.

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike – $555,000

This reproduction of Dodge’s concept bike is considered an “automotive sculpture,” as it is not street legal in the US. Ten of these bikes were offered by Neiman Marcus in their 2003 Christmas Book. The Dodge Tomahawk V10 superbike boasts an 8.3 liter engine (505 cubic inch), and the 10 cylinders can bring the bike to a maximum speed of almost 400 mph. The 1500lb bike has an independent 4-wheel suspension and can reach 60 mph in around 2.5 seconds.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama and America are Bigest Liar and Deceivers

Osama is Hero for Muslims. America is Rascal. They are Cowered and they have no sence. America is preparing his grave. Foolishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh American they cann't kill the Lion of Islam "Osama".

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

World’s Most Expensive Medicines

World's Most Expensive Medicine
While the debate over healthcare continues, Forbes has released a list of the nine most expensive drugs in the world—each of which costs patients over $200,000 annually.
At the top of the list is Soliris (eculizumab), produced by Alexion Pharmaceuticals to treat, ahem, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. PNH is a rare and life-threatening disease and is the only form of hemolytic anemia—a deficiency in red blood cells caused by their destruction, as opposed to low production—that is acquired rather than inherited.
PNH affects approximately 8,000 Americans. It’s because of that low figure that Alexion can charge $409,500 per year for the most expensive drug in the world. The rarity of the condition means there are very few competitors to compete with for pricing.
The second most expensive medicine in the world is Elaprase at $375,000 annually. It was created by Shire Pharmaceuticals to treat Hunter Syndrome, which has symptoms ranging from a flattened nose to brain damage and afflicts 2,000 people worldwide. The third is Naglazyme, produced by BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, which treats an even rarer disorder that enlarges the head and causes short stature. That drug costs $365,000 annually.

The World’s Most Expensive Houses

Ah, how amazing it would be if we could afford to make our dream house a reality! Surely, each of us has dreamt of our own private house in a dream place having dream features, making us feel in heaven at least for the few moments that we fantasize them. Sadly, most of our dreams don’t come true because they are out of the world. There are some people though, who have been able to bring their dreams to reality and build their own amazing villas, shelling out even millions! Here’s a look at the world’s most expensive houses.
1. Antilla, Mumbai:

Few days ago, I listed the world’s Richest People, and the owner of this house was on the list. Owned by the world’s fifth richest man and the head of the Indian Petro-chemical Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, this villa is the most expensive house in the entire world. The cost of this magnificent villa is a whooping one billion dollars! It is an impressively tall 27 storey mansion spreading across an area of 48,780 square feet or 4,532 metres. It is 570 feet tall! No other house in the world is even close to this beauty. With all the ballrooms, double height ceilings, crystal chandelier ceilings and 600 servants working there, it is no wonder that it sits safely at the top position of the world’s most expensive houses. It is located precisely on Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill South Mumbai.
2. Villa Leopolda, Cote d’Azur France:

Second in the list of the top expensive houses in the world is the Villa Leopolda which is worth walloping $525 million. The villa was built way back in the year 1902 by King Leopold II of Belgium. It is the home of the widow of the French Banker Edmond Safira, Lily Safira who lives there presently. The villa has 19 bedrooms and is complete with sports courts, bowling alley, a movie theatre, many kitchens and dining rooms.
3. One Hyde Park – The Penthouse, London:

This house is worth $200 million. Might not have been this expensive if it wasn’t the penthouse of the elite number 1 Hyde Park Address. The penthouse is built as an abode the rich and famous as it has everything from bullet proof windows, SAS guard, secret tunnel that leads to the Mandarin Hotel, iris scanners and even panic rooms. The whole building is well equipped with squash courts, wine tasting rooms and communal spas, et cetera. 24 hour room service is served at the penthouse.
4. Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons:

This is reportedly the largest residential compound in all of America. It stretches to about 63 acres of land and is worth $170 million. The house has 29 lavish bedrooms, a bowling alley, 5 sports courts, et cetera. It faces the beach and is owned by Ira Rennert. The house even boasts of an amazing $150,000 hot tub.
5. Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills:

Famous as the house that was used in The Godfather movie, also famous as the inspiration in “Citizen Kane” for the main character along with being known as the place where the late President John F Kennedy stayed for his honeymoon, this mansion is worth $165 million and it used to be home of William Randolph Hearst who is a publishing giant. The main features of this house are the 29 brilliant bedrooms and 3 pools. The fact that the mansion has Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as well as David Beckham and Victoria Beckham for neighbours is the icing on the cake for the status of this palace.

World’s most expensive purse worth $3.8 million

Mouawad's 1001 Nights Diamond Purse 
If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then there will be few women in the world who won’t swoon over this handbag. Crowned by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most expensive, the "1001 Nights Diamond Purse" is valued at $3.8 million.
The heart-shaped bag is encrusted with more than 4,517 diamonds  – 105 yellow, 56 pink and 4,356 colorless. The diamonds on the bag weigh a whopping total of 381.92 carats.
“The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is designed to mesmerize with its lavish attention to detail and elaborate workmanship incorporating thousands of diamonds,” said Pascal Mouawad, co-guardian of the House of Mouawad, which was founded in 1890.
The bag was handcrafted from 18-carat gold. It took 10 artisans, working over a period of four months, an incredible 1,100 hours to create the purse.
But this isn’t the first time that Dubai-based designer Mouawad has gone out on a limb with its diamond creations. The Dubai-based jewelry design house has created several bras made out of diamonds, including the Very Sexy Fantasy Bra for Victoria’s Secret.
The purse was on display at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition over the weekend of Feb. 20. There has been no word yet if anyone has bought the purse.

Largest Cities of the World - (by metro population)

1. Tokyo, Japan - 32,450,000
2. Seóul, South Korea - 20,550,000
3. Mexico City, Mexico - 20,450,000
4. New York City, USA - 19,750,000
5. Mumbai, India - 19,200,000
6. Jakarta, Indonesia - 18,900,000
7. Sáo Paulo, Brazil - 18,850,000
8. Delhi, India - 18,680,000
9. Õsaka/Kobe, Japan - 17,350,000
10. Shanghai, China - 16,650,000 11. Manila, Philippines - 16,300,000
12. Los Angeles, USA - 15,250,000
13. Calcutta, India - 15,100,000
14. Moscow, Russian Fed. - 15,000,000
15. Cairo, Egypt - 14,450,000
16. Lagos, Nigeria - 13,488,000
17. Buenos Aires, Argentina - 13,170,000
18. London, United Kingdom - 12,875,000
19. Beijing, China - 12,500,000
20. Karachi, Pakistan - 11,800,000
21. Dhaka, Bangladesh - 10,979,000
22. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 10,556,000
23. Tianjin, China - 10,239,000
24. Paris, France - 9,638,000
25. Istanbul, Turkey - 9,413,000
26. Lima, Peru - 7,443,000
27. Tehrãn, Iran - 7,380,000
28. Bangkok, Thailand - 7,221,000
29. Chicago, USA - 6,945,000
30. Bogotá, Colombia - 6,834,000
31. Hyderabad, India - 6,833,000
32. Chennai, India - 6,639,000
33. Essen, Germany - 6,559,000
34. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - 6,424,519
35. Hangzhou, China - 6,389,000
36. Hong Kong, China - 6,097,000
37. Lahore, Pakistan - 6,030,000
38. Shenyang, China - 5,681,000
39. Changchun, China - 5,566,000
40. Bangalore, India - 5,544,000
41. Harbin, China - 5,475,000
42. Chengdu, China - 5,293,000
43. Santiago, Chile - 5,261,000
44. Guangzhou, China - 5,162,000
45. St. Petersburg, Russian Fed. - 5,132,000
46. Kinshasa, DRC - 5,068,000
47. Baghdãd, Iraq - 4,796,000
48. Jinan, China - 4,789,000
49. Houston, USA - 4,750,000
50. Toronto, Canada - 4,657,000 

51. Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) - 4,458,000
52. Alger, Algeria - 4,447,000
53. Philadelphia, USA - 4,398,000
54. Qingdao, China - 4,376,000
55. Milano, Italy - 4,251,000
56. Pusan, South Korea - 4,239,000
57. Belo Horizonte, Brazil - 4,160,000
58. Almadabad, India - 4,154,000
59. Madrid, Spain - 4,072,000
60. San Francisco, USA - 4,051,000 61. Alexandria, Egypt - 3,995,000
62. Washington DC, USA - 3,927,000
63. Wuhan, China - 3,918,000
64. Dallas, USA - 3,912,000
65. Guadalajara, Mexico - 3,908,000
66. Chongging, China - 3,896,000
67. Medellin, Colombia - 3,831,000
68. Detroit, USA - 3,785,000
69. Handan, China - 3,763,000
70. Frankfurt, Germany - 3,700,000
71. Porto Alegre, Brazil - 3,699,000
72. Hanoi, Vietnam - 3,678,000
73. Sydney, Australia - 3,665,000
74. Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. - 3,601,000
75. Singapore, Singapore - 3,587,000
76. Casablanca, Morocco - 3,535,000
77. Katowice, Poland - 3,488,000
78. Pune, India - 3,485,000
79. Bangdung, Indonesia - 3,420,000
80. Monterrey, Mexico - 3,416,000
81. Montréal, Canada - 3,401,000
82. Nagoya, Japan - 3,377,000
83. Nanjing, China - 3,375,000
84. Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire - 3,359,000
85. Xi'an, China - 3,352,000
86. Berlin, Germany - 3,337,000
87. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 3,328,000
88. Recife, Brazil - 3,307,000
89. Dusseldorf, Germany - 3,251,000
90. Ankara, Turkey - 3,190,000
91. Melbourne, Australia - 3,188,000
92. Salvador, Brazil - 3,180,000
93. Dalian, China - 3,153,000
94. Caracas, Venezuela - 3,153,000
95. Adis Abeba, Ethiopia - 3,112,000
96. Athina, Greece - 3,103,000
97. Cape Town, South Africa - 3,092,000
98. Koln, Germany - 3.067,000
99. Maputo, Mozambique - 3,017,000
100. Napoli, Italy - 3,012,000

List of cities proper by population

This is a list of the most populous cities of the world defined according to the concept of city proper (an urban locality without its suburbs). A city proper is a locality defined according to legal or political boundaries and an administratively recognized urban status that is usually characterized by some form of local government.[1][2][3] "World Urbanization Prospects", a United Nations publication, defines the population of a city proper as "the population living within the administrative boundaries of a city."[4] The book continues to say that "city proper as defined by administrative boundaries may not include suburban areas where an important proportion of the population working or studying in the city lives."
The administrative city proper may correspond to a single municipality or may consist of a well-defined assembly[vague] of several local government units.[citation needed] The populations listed are for the administratively-defined city and not for the urban area nor the metropolitan area.[5] Statistical definitions for each city, approximate surface area, and population density are also indicated. The term city can take on many meanings throughout the world. For the purposes of this list, the definition of a city as a primarily urban locality is used.[6] This list enumerates the population of some of the world's largest cities, the boundaries of which may or may not correspond to those of municipalities.


  • 1 Cities proper by population

Cities proper by population

Rank↓ City↓ Population↓ Definition↓ Area (km²)↓ Population density (/km²)↓ Country↓
1 Shanghai 13,831,900 [7] Core districts + inner suburbs[8] 1,928 7,174  China
2 Istanbul 13,120,596[9] Metropolitan Municipality 1,831 7,166  Turkey
3 Karachi 12,991,000[10] City District 3,527 3,683  Pakistan
4 Delhi 12,565,901[11] Municipal Corporation 431.09[12] 29,149  India
5 Mumbai 12,478,447[13] Municipal Corporation 603 20,694  India
6 Moscow 11,551,930[14] City proper 1,091[15] 10,588  Russia
7 São Paulo 11,244,369[16] Municipality 1,523 7,383  Brazil
8 Seoul 10,464,051[17] Special City 605.25[18] 17,288  South Korea
9 Beijing 10,123,000[19] Core districts + inner suburbs[8] 1,368.32 7,400  China
10 Jakarta 9,588,198[20] Special capital district 662.33 14,476  Indonesia
11 Tokyo 8,887,608[21] 23 Special Wards[22] 617.18 14,400  Japan
12 Mexico City 8,873,017[23] Federal District 1,485.49[24] 5,973  Mexico
13 Kinshasa 8,754,000[25] City-Province[26] 2,016 4,342  Democratic Republic of the Congo
14 New York City 8,363,710[27] City proper 789.4 10,452  United States
15 Lagos 7,937,932[28] statistical area 999.6 7,938  Nigeria
16 London 7,753,600[29] Greater London[30] 1,580 4,863  United Kingdom
17 Lima 7,605,742[31] Province[32] 2,670.4 2,848  Peru
18 Bogotá 7,259,597[33] Capital district 1,590 4,566  Colombia
19 Tehran 7,241,000[25] City proper 760 10,359  Iran
20 Ho Chi Minh City 7,162,864[34] Province-level municipality 2,095.01 3,419  Vietnam
21 Hong Kong 7,026,400[35] Special Administrative Region 1,092 6,434  China
22 Bangkok 7,025,000[36] Administrative area 1,568.74 4,478  Thailand
23 Dhaka 7,000,940[37] City Corporation 360[38] 19,447  Bangladesh
24 Cairo 6,758,581[39] Governorate 453 17,190  Egypt
25 Hanoi 6,500,000[40] Province-level municipality 3,344.7 1,943.4  Vietnam
26 Rio de Janeiro 6,323,037[41] Municipality 1,182 5,349  Brazil
27 Lahore 6,318,745[42] City District 1,772 3,566  Pakistan
28 Chongqing 5,954,800[43] Core districts[8] 5,467 1,089  China
29 Bangalore 5,840,155[44] Municipal Corporation 709.5[44] 8,231  India
30 Tianjin 5,800,000[45] Core districts + inner suburbs[8] 2,057 2,820  China
31 Baghdad 5,402,486[11] City proper 1,134 4,064  Iraq
32 Riyadh 5,188,286[46] City proper 800 6,485  Saudi Arabia
33 Singapore 5,076,007[47] Country/City 710.2 7,147  Singapore
34 Santiago 5,012,973[48] Province[49] 2,030 2,469  Chile
35 Saint Petersburg 4,868,520[14] City proper 1,399[15] 3,480  Russia
36 Surat 4,786,002[50] Municipal Corporation 326.515[51] 14,658  India
37 Chennai 4,616,639[11] Municipal Corporation 187 24,688  India
38 Kolkata 4,486,679[52] Municipal Corporation 185 24,252  India
39 Yangon 4,350,000[25] City proper 598.75[53] 6,828  Myanmar
40 Guangzhou 4,261,800[54] Core districts[8] 280[54] 15,220  China
41 Alexandria 4,110,015[39] Governorate 2,680 1,611  Egypt
42 Shenyang 4,101,197[55] (2006-12-31) Core districts 3,495 1,173  China
43 Hyderabad 4,068,611[11] Municipal Corporation 621.48[56] 6,546  India
44 Ahmedabad 3,959,432[11] Municipal Corporation 204 19,944  India
45 Ankara 3,901,201[57] Metropolitan Municipality 2,516 1,551  Turkey
46 Johannesburg 3,888,180[58] Metropolitan Municipality (South Africa) 1,644.96 2,364  South Africa
47 Wuhan 3,807,950[59] Core districts[8] 379.4 10,036  China
48 Los Angeles 3,792,621[60] City proper 1,290 2,940  United States
49 Yokohama 3,680,267[61] City proper 437.38 8,414  Japan
50 Abidjan 3,660,682[62] Department/District 2,119 1,728  Côte d'Ivoire
51 Busan 3,600,381[63] Metropolitan City 766.12[63] 4,666  South Korea
52 Cape Town 3,497,097[58] Metropolitan Municipality (South Africa) 2,454.72 1,424  South Africa
53 Durban 3,468,086[58] Metropolitan Municipality (South Africa) 2,291.89 1,513  South Africa
54 Pune 3,446,330[11] Municipal Corporation 450.69 7,647  India
55 Jeddah 3,430,697[46] City proper 1,230 2,789  Saudi Arabia
56 Berlin 3,426,354[64] City state 892 3,842  Germany
57 Pyongyang 3,255,388[65] Direct-controlled municipality 3,194 1,019  North Korea
58 Kanpur 3,221,435[11] Municipal Corporation 267 12,065  India
59 Madrid 3,213,271[66] Municipality 698 4,604  Spain
60 Jaipur 3,210,570[11] Municipal Corporation 485 6,620  India
61 Nairobi 3,138,369[67] Province 696 4,509  Kenya

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